Megan + Jackson – The Sanctuary – Denver, Colorado Wedding Photographer

From the moment I met Megan, I knew I had to be her photographer.  We had an instant bond, which led to tears during our meeting.  I quickly learned she cries when she is happy, which was a theme on her wedding day.  Then I met Jackson, who is Megan’s rock, a gentle soul that loves her deeply.

I have been waiting almost a year for their wedding and it was filled with everything I had imagined it would!    Lots of tears of joy, endless laughter and an aura of light that danced around them throughout the day.  The day was flawless with all of the attention that their wedding planner, Ann Marlin, with Cloud 9 put into it.  The Sanctuary is a stunning wedding venue that is eye candy for a photographer.  Wishing the two of you a world of happiness as you venture into this next journey as husband and wife.


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Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0042Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0043Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0045Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0050Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0038Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0039Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0040Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0041Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0046Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0047Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0049
Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0051Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0052Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0053Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0054Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0055Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0056Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0057
Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0059Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0060
Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0062Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0063Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0064Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0066

Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0067

Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0065

Schirf_Gardner Wedding_0068



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