Wedding Albums


All of our albums are flush mount albums. This means that your wedding images will be printed directly onto the album pages. They can bleed off the edges of the pages or they can also go straight across the pages with tiny seams in the middle. The pages are thick and durable, meeting the highest standards in bookbinding technology.

We offer one style of flush mount album – the Leather Album. The album comes in a 10×10 size.

The Leather Album

You get to choose from a variety of colors for your leather cover. The inside prints are on beautiful lustre paper, which gives your images a crisp, bright, and true-to-life feel.

You have your choice in album cover options. We offer a classic, solid leather cover or choice of cameo, full photograph, acrylic or metal.

The Parent Album

Our photography collection’s most popular add-on is our parent album. They duplicate the main album – same style of album with the same design and images on the inside but come in a smaller in size for your parents. Our parent albums begin at 8×8 but many parents upgrade to a 10×10. Upon request, we can also do custom designs for parents.



The Purpose

We believe – without a doubt – that our images look best when printed on the pages inside a wedding album. We understand that brides, grooms and families often want to enjoy and share the images immediately with those whom they love, and that certainly is the amazing purpose of web media. However, we believe our images look their very best when printed because, unlike DVDs and Facebook, albums are built to last for generations.

With this purpose and highest quality and protection in mind, we keep our albums physically strong and visually classic. Simple in structure and clean in design, they are handcrafted by experts in Connecticut.