Monthly Archives: May 2007

Well my birthday has come and gone so fast this year. I wanted to post a cute photo Melissa Rich sent to me on my b-day. She is so creative. : ) She actually wrote this out, took a photo of herself and emailed it to me on my birthday. I have a lot more […]

Dzifa and I went out for a morning jog down to the beach. We saw these two little guys playing in the shallow waters. We booked it back to our room, grabbed our cameras and prayed that they would still be there. Just to our luck, they were! These monk seals are endangered, but often […]

Dzifa and I headed to Kauai to visit with my family. We manage to duck out of Colorado once a year to visit the garden island. This year was just as spectacular as our previous years. Here are a few images from our visit with our dear friend Wayne and Nancy. We went for a […]