Charlie + Valerie – Destination Wedding Photography – Yosemite, California

My heart swoons every time I even think about Charlie and Valerie’s destination wedding in Yosemite, California.  When Valerie first contacted me about possibly shooting their wedding they hadn’t even picked a location yet, all I knew is I had to be there to photograph it!  As the planning started to take place a wedding in Yosemite was born.  I was so excited to be along for their journey, starting with meeting them in San Francisco for their engagement session!

They are warm, loving and kind to each other and those around them.  It is so evident in their photographs how much love surrounds them.  The ceremony and reception took place inside Yosemite National Park at The Majestic.  It was a magical setting amongst the tree lined property.  Valerie and Charlie, thank you for allow us to capture your wedding day.


Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0001Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0002Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0003Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0004Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0006Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0005Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0100Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0008Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0009Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0010Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0011Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0018Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0021Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0023Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0025Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0026Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0101Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0030Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0032Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0029Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0034Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0033Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0036Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0037Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0035Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0038
Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0041Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0042Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0043Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0044Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0045Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0108Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0048Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0050Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0051Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0056Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0057Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0105Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0060Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0062Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0061Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0106Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0064Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0065Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0067Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0068Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0107Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0069Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0070Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0071Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0072Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0073Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0074Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0075Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0076Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0078Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0079Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0080Neal-Higgins Wedding BLOG_0066


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