Our Approach


Intimate Access

As wedding photographers, we are in a unique position. We have a front row seat to the best moments of your wedding day, and we view that intimate access as a privilege and an opportunity. We will be by your side when you step into your dress, slip on your tux, see one another for the first time, and come back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. We will probably hear you call her ‘wife’ or him ‘hubby’ for the first time. We are present for your very last moments as fiancés and your very first memories as husband and wife. It’s an honor that we deeply treasure.

Remembering Your Day

As you’re planning your celebration, many people may be telling you that your wedding day will fly by. That it will be difficult to savor the moments, visit with your guests, and enjoy the celebration. Before you know it, the day will be over, and you’ll be flying off to your honeymoon. While there is truth to this, we believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for you. We believe that you can remember much more of your wedding day than you ever thought possible, and we believe that we are the ones that can help you do it.



We have walked through many wedding days with many couples, and, while we are unobtrusive and documentary in our approach, we have learned when to step in to slow you down and help you savor the most important moments. Moments that can go easily unnoticed like the sun setting over your reception, the sound of everyone you love celebrating at the cocktail hour, or the view of the ocean before you say ‘I do.’ We will help you pause, take a deep breath, and take it all in. Our job is to produce beautiful images. Your job is to celebrate and to savor.

Spark Your Memory

We believe that your photographs should help you remember what you felt in the moment the shutter was released. When you see a gorgeous photo of your reception, we want you to hear the laughter, feel the warmth, and remember the joy that was present. Decades from now when you are looking through your wedding album, we want all of the sounds, feelings, and emotions from your wedding to come flooding back to you, because we believe that our photos should spark your memory – they shouldn’t replace it.