Hudson + Katie – Beaver Creek Chapel – Beaver Creek, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Getting perfect weather in April in Beaver Creek, Colorado is like rolling the dice.  You hope it lands on double sixes.  The wedding day called for rain, I prayed that the rain wouldn’t start until late in the evening once the reception had begun.  We lucked out and had snowy slopes, but not one drop of rain until we were deep into the reception.  Yay!  The end result was spectacular views and endless options for photos.

Katie and Hudson are two peas in a pod.  They match each others enthusiasm for life or from what I learned during toasts, Katie keeps up with Hudson!  They are encircled by loving friends and family that span across the US from infancy to today.  Being able to capture their wedding in Beaver Creek was an honor.  They were so much fun it was quite honestly hard not to set down my camera and jump on the dance floor.


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Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0019Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0020
Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0022Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0024Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0025Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0026Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0027Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0028Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0029Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0030Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0031
Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0033Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0035Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0036Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0037Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0038Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0039Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0040Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0034Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0032Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0041Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0042Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0043Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0044Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0048Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0045Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0046Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0047Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0049Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0050Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0051Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0059Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0052Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0053Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0054Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0056Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0055Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0057Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0058Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0060Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0061Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0062Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0063Sullivan-Nixon Wedding_0064



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