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Emily and Ryan met in high school, their love grew with time and they never looked back. They knew they would be attending different colleges. Yet some how they stood the test of time and distance. Ryan proposed to Emily while they were both still in college. They gave themselves 18 months to plan the wedding and get through graduation. They were making a commitment to each other and to God, they knew they could be patient. Their patience paid off by giving them time to plan a Ralph Lauren-inspired event, filled with very thoughtful, lovely and special details. They always felt at home in the mountains, pulling them toward nature and all that God created. It was fitting when they picked the Chapel at Beaver Creek, drawn to it’s stone work and intimacy. They followed with the reception at Donovan Pavilion in Vail.

Krall-Wurtzbacher wedding_0001.jpg
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Krall-Wurtzbacher wedding_0039.jpg
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Krall-Wurtzbacher wedding_0040.jpg
Krall-Wurtzbacher wedding_0037.jpg
Krall-Wurtzbacher wedding_0041.jpgTo view more of my wedding photography, please visit my Denver, Colorado Wedding Photographer website.

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