Honeymoon to New Zealand

I am back from my honeymoon and getting caught up on life. I found some time to post a few images from our trip to New Zealand. We only had a few days that the weather completely cooperated. We seized every moment of sunshine for hiking, fishing and photos. I loved that every time I turned around Dzifa had his camera out and was taking photos. I am more of a people person when it comes to photography. I think the industry I am in is perfect for me. Where as Dzifa is right at home doing landscape photography.
We traveled across the entire South Island. We started on the northern part of the island and worked our way south, east and west. It was quite a vacation. The next time we go I want to go for a month…maybe in retirement. There were sheep, deer and cow farms every where you looked. I have never seen so many sheep in one place. I guess that is why Uggs come from that part of the world.:-)
I loved the road leading into the country side. It reminded me that the road that lies ahead of us is full of spectacular surprises.
This place was so cool! It was called Punakaiki. Most of the locals called it pancake rocks. The rocks did look like stacks of pancakes.

A few more shots from our hike

New Zealand is one of the best fly fishing places in the world.

Dzifa, workin’ it!

A new storm rolling in.

This guy was so cute, it was too bad what he was laying in smelled so bad.

Doesn’t he look like he wanted his photo taken?

On our way to stopping for lunch at a winery we passed this pig farm. I couldn’t resist a photo of little piglet.

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