Andy + Adria – Estes Park – Denver, Colorado Wedding Photographer

Adria and Andy tied the knot in Estes Park, Colorado!  I have known Adria for quite a few years now and I can still remember the day she told me about Andy.  She told me all the wonderful traits about him, spoke highly of his children and very sweetly said he was the one.  Fast forward four years and their wedding day arrived.  Adria is the choir teacher at a high school.  Watching her with her students, always had me admiring the way that she was open and connected to them.  After photographing their wedding I can see that her and Andy are a perfect match.  They are that way with everyone that touches their lives.  There were so many moments from their wedding day that were special, but here are my personal favorites.

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0039Herscher-Howell Wedding_0002Herscher-Howell Wedding_0003

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0009

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0004

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0001Herscher-Howell Wedding_0005Herscher-Howell Wedding_0008

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0010Herscher-Howell Wedding_0011

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0006Herscher-Howell Wedding_0007

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0013Herscher-Howell Wedding_0014Herscher-Howell Wedding_0033Herscher-Howell Wedding_0034Herscher-Howell Wedding_0035Herscher-Howell Wedding_0038

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0015Herscher-Howell Wedding_0016

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0017

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0020Herscher-Howell Wedding_0025

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0022

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0021

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0019

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0018

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0012

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0026

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0023

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0029

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0028

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0027

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0036

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0030Herscher-Howell Wedding_0032

Herscher-Howell Wedding_0037

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