What are you paying for?

Sometimes an enquiry will come through, and the response will be “you’re too expensive” “I can get them cheaper elsewhere” “is that for everything” “why are digital images so expensive” “we don’t want prints” “can we have all the unedited images”.


I am guilty of doing this also to other professionals in other industries. I had two quotes for adding trees to my backyard for the same products and I went with the cheaper. The trees were delivered and planted, looking less than stellar. The landscaper tore up our grass, marked up the trees and left the yard looking worse off than when they started.  The leaves on the trees were wilted and looked like they were in dire need of water.  I tried to nurse them back to health all summer, with very little luck.  Winter settled in and I was not surprised that two of the four trees were dead by spring time.  If only I had paid that additional money I would have been left with a better looking yard and trees that were alive.  I ended up paying more than I would have if initially had I made a better investment in the beginning.


My packages maybe more expensive than the photographer down the street that gives you all your images on disc for $300 because I have invested in myself and my business.


Firstly I pay for insurance, I am fully insured.  I can travel on location, with all my gear and give the same quality control that I have in the studio.  Speaking of studios, I have invested in a studio, where you can sit back and relax while I capture those perfect images, the studio also has an array of props, which I take the time to search out from all over the world, to make my images unique to me, I have to constantly update these to keep ahead of the game and offer my customers something different.


I have invested in equipment from cameras and lenses, to macs and editing software. Including products for my clients.  I have invested in years of schooling and hands on training.  I have trained with Photographers from all around the world, including the some of the worlds best photographers.


And all of this before I even take a picture.  Shooting the session takes time and talent.  Capturing moments and getting expressions of your loved ones exactly as you want to remember them.  Once your session is complete your images are fully edited.. skin tones and blemishes corrected.. colors changed, this takes time.. on every single image.


Your gallery is then sent to you.


“why can’t I have them all, you’ve already edited them” – Bakers have already made the fresh bread and cakes, but just because you buy a large cake doesn’t mean they will give you a load of free bunt cakes.


“why can”t I have all the unedited images” – because these represent me and my work, a finished image is like an artist finishing a painting..  cake maker decorating a cake.. you wouldn’t expect Armani to sell their clothes before putting the zips and labels in them.


“why are the digitals more expensive than the prints” A cow costs more than a pint of milk.. why.. because if you buy a cow you can produce your own milk.. you could even make butter and cheese or if you wanted to have beef and even steak.. my digitals are the cow, if you buy the digital you can get prints from where ever you like, you can use the image to have canvases made, have it printed on t-shirts etc



That is why my packages maybe more expensive than the photographer down the street that gives you all your images on disc for $300 because they may have just bought a camera, photography is not their full time job, use cheap props and products, are mobile, they have no experience or training and/or they are not insured.


Wish I’d have gone with the more expensive landscaping company..  =)



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