Birdhaus Bash

We just went to our 2nd annual Birdhaus Bash! For the last two years Dzifa, my mom, Jerry (my step-dad), Toni (Dzifa’s mom), Derick (Dzifa’s dad) and I all joined a group of our friends at the Botanic Gardens for the Birdhaus Bash. This is a silent auction that raises money for charity. Anyone can build and design their own style of a bird house that is donated to the auction. Dzifa and I both built bird houses and had a little competition to see who’s bird house went for the most money. Dzifa’s bird house sold for $260! Needless to say he beat me pretty good, I thought mine was going great for $40 until I saw his bid sheet. What a fun night of family, friends and bird houses.

Dzifa and I with our parents.
This is my bird house.

Here’s Dzifa’s bird house.

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  • Sara France Photography

    I love that you both stood by your parents! You look just like them 😉 Great bird house! Miss you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Chipman

    Your bird house is cute too! I love your dress and hat!ReplyCancel

  • c r y s t a l

    How cute!!! Love those birdhouses!

    Just thought I’d say hello and let you know how wonderful it was meeting you! Can’t wait to see you and Jenna again in September!!! :) Soooo glad you’re coming!ReplyCancel

  • Van Buren Photography

    I can’t believe Dzifa’s bird house went for $260, that is crazy. I like wearing that hat and dress, it makes me feel like Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman. Ha, ha. Yes, Jenna I look a lot like my mom and Dzifa is the perfect combintation of both of his parents.ReplyCancel

  • Van Buren Photography

    Crystal- Right after you left we had a crazy amount of rain and they said the Boulder Creek was dangerous for anyone attempting to float down it. Good thing you came in town when you did! Looking forward to seeing you in Cali in Sept!ReplyCancel

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